Conservation Friends

In this film, dedicated Ducks Unlimited volunteer Steve McQueen and friends converge on the Missouri River in North Dakota for their annual hunt.

About Ducks Unlimited Films

Waterfowl hunting is much more than a sport. It’s an experience.

For those of us who have fallen in love with wetlands and waterfowl, duck calls and retrievers, decoys and shotguns, Ducks Unlimited has created a new film series that captures the essence of what it means to be a waterfowler.

This narrative film series explores the lives and stories of duck hunters across the country. We find out why they became hunters, what drives their passion, how they are passing on the traditions, and why they are giving back to the resource. Going beyond the confines and formulas of traditional duck hunting shows, DU Films presents the beauty and passion of waterfowling in new and unexpected ways.

Advances in digital cinematography allow us to capture breathtaking waterfowl action like never before. Flocks of ducks with wings set, feet down, dropping in to the decoys, have never looked better. Remote cameras catch the action from unique perspectives. And with state-of-the-art editing and evocative storytelling, viewers will find themselves immersed in unforgettable waterfowl experiences.

At the heart of this series is a drive to conserve the habitats that make it all possible. From the prairie breeding grounds in the north to coastal wintering grounds in the south and countless areas in between, DU’s conservation mission is an integral part of the waterfowling world.

Produced in partnership with Rock Road Creative and airing exclusively on the Ducks Unlimited website, DU Films is available in high-quality video format to anyone with internet access, anywhere in the world.